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Monday, January 27, 2003

On-line Shopping

Sometimes shopping on-line is a dream - it's convenient, you get a good price and everything is right with the world. Other times it can be Kafka-esque in how difficult it is to find what you want. I've been trying to buy a digital camera for over a month now. I really like the HP Photosmart 850. I would put a link, but I don't have one that I like. The street price is about $500. Amazon occassionally drops the price 5 to 10% as a teaser, but I'm still not ready to spend over $450 for this camera. The other camera I'm considering is the Fuji FinePix 3800. It's a little less camera than the HP PS850, but it's about $150 less to buy. If I had to buy today, I'd probably go with the Fuji. My brother bought the HP, though, and I took a few pictures with it at Christmas. It's a nice camera. Well, we will see what happens.

On the other hand, sometimes you find some cool stuff. Like's Comp2VGA signal converter. It lets you take your composite or S-video signal and display it on your VGA monitor. Now you can play your Gamecube or PS2 on a spare monitor! As a special bonus, here is a list of Pricegrabber's video capture cards. The COMP2VGA is near the bottom of the first page for less than $50.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Just Gotta

blog this stuff. Cory Doctorow's web site is called craphound - named after his first published story, Craphound. Cory's bio tells stuff about him, like he's a 31 year old Torontoan (Torontoite? Torontonan? Torontoad?). You can download his latest book Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom. I blogged there from Lawrence Lessig's blog - too bad he lost Eldred. Oh, yeah, Alex Lightman - genius or fraud?

Friday, January 10, 2003

Workin' the Blog

Just trying to get some info on Pharma MACT equations has led me to a DOE report on Analysis of Strategies for Reducing Multiple Emissions from Electric Power Plants: Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Dioxide, and Mercury and a Renewable Portfolio Standard. Looks like it might be interesting, but it's off topic. has more interesting stuff on their site, an Environmental Software House and limited security. What is truly bizarre is that all the stuff in the aforementioned directory is Essential Technologies (ETi) stuff that was posted in November 2002. It still has all the ETi logos and contact info, even though ETi had closed down and been taken over by Environmental Support Solutions. Maybe they just hadn't gotten around to updating the literature yet.

Toby Hanna & Ken Weiss wrote a CEP Magazine article about the MON rule. I should read it sometime. Still can't find anything easy about the calc's (I could read the rule, but that would give me a headache). I found a company that I drive right by several times a week in Flemington, NJ (home of the 1st trial of the 20th century) called EnfoTech. I should stop and see them sometime. I also found an Excel file with all the pharmaceutical companies in the UK. E-mail me (redwolfeighttwo at - only use the digits for the numbers, not the words) if you want a copy.

I finally found an summary on the Pharmaceutical MACT Rule Assistant. They give all the process vent equations in their own little section.

Thursday, January 09, 2003
pretty cool site -