Scoreless Tie

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Live by the Blog, Die by the Blog

Mickey Kaus sums it up pretty well in Kausfiles (you have to page down to the Oct. 20 entry.) Damn you, Gregg Easterbrook! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. The problem is that it doesn't feed him, it feeds me and millions (well at least thousands) of thinking football fans everywhere. TMQ has been completely excised from's page 2. (No links - this sux!) A quick search doesn't show me anything to add to Mr. Kaus's review of the sitchiation, so I won't write any more. Except a quick link to a google news search. No telling what it will bring up when you click it.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

What does Jeeves think

I asked Jeeves: Will Andy Reid keep his job?. This seemed to give old answers, so I checked the news button and got this. I wonder who is worse off, the Philadelphia Eagles or Leeds United?

Web Conferencing

We want to have a meeting over the web. What to do? Here are some things I've looked at:

This web conferencing gude from buyerzone is very interesting. I've requested quotes, we'll see what we get. Webex advertises everywhere. Looks like it's a possibility. Meetingplace looks too expensive. has a webconferencing guide, but it's not as nice as buyerzone.

We shall see what happens.

Mark Weller attempts to recreate Episode 78 of Boy Meets World, only in blog form.