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Friday, May 30, 2008
Real Guitar Heros

I came across a couple of lists of the "best guitar riffs" today. Rob O'Connor at Yahoo! lists The 25 Most Rockin' Guitar Riffs. He also references Rolling Stone's (the music mag/website) 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. Lots of Hendrix, Clapton (in his various incarnations), Zeppelin, Stones. How Carlos Santana isn't in the top 25 on both lists escapes me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Is there any hope for race relations in the USA?

Wikipedia's main page asked the question, "Did you know... that in his book A More Perfect Union: Advancing New American Rights, U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. proposed eight constitutional amendments?" I didn't know this, so I clicked on A More Perfect Union: Advancing New American Rights and saw that JJ, Jr. wants
the right to public education of equal high quality;
the right to health care of equal high quality;
equal rights for women;
the right to decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing;
the right to a clean, safe and sustainable environment;
the right . . . to full employment and balanced economic growth;
the explicit fundamental right of citizens to vote; and
an amendment regarding taxing the people of the United States progressively.

Can anyone say "Nanny State." One of the references was for an article titled U.S. URGED TO DISCUSS SLAVERY AT WAR SITES in which JJ, Jr. basically mandates to the Dept. of the Interior that the focus of all Civil War sites should be on slavery rather than the military or political facts of what occurred at the site.

It is just astounding to me the insanity that this man's lust for power has driven him to. The implications of his proposals would be staggeringly bad for the people of the United States and would be of benefit only to a select few politicians and their cronies. Of course, all of his programs need to be run by individuals who "think correctly." God forbid that anyone should have to take personal responsibility for their life and actions.

The Washington Times Getting down to the roots - I don't get it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Inky linkies High School Sports - Pennsylvania & New Jersey High School Sports
Ask Keith Pompey - I just wish he would answer some more questions
North Penn reaches District 1 finals for baseball.

Weezer Video on YouTube

Thanks to Underwire

Recruiting craze driving early decisions | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/28/2008 Interesting article about high school recruiting. What happens if one of these 9th/10th grade recruits gets totally incorrigible and the coach sits him down? In Pennsylvania, at least, you have a tough way to go if you are transferring for athletic reasons. I guess you can always move out of state.

Friday, May 23, 2008

RIP, Robert Asprin - Boing Boing If parenthood can be described a tour of every public restroom in the known world, then middle age is watching parents, friends and influences pass from this mortal coil. I truly enjoyed reading Asprin's writing and anthologies. Robert Asprin's Wikipedia entry gives a good summary of his life and work. There is nothing yet on his ex-wife's, Lynn Abbey, site.

No Phule He is the only article that popped up on google news this morning.

PC World - 5 Groovy Sites for Free Music Downloads - Free music! Woot!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Diet Deception - The Menu Test - Baltimore News, Weather, Channel 2 - WMAR-TV Apparently, restaurants lie about the nutritional value of their food. I am shocked!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Computer Troubleshooting

google search for PC troubleshooting. Some other things I found: Diagnostic Software at; Description of Dr. Watson for Windows; Computer freezes on the internet from cnet forums. Electronic resources at mclinc. - E-ticket: Who is this guy? Ernie Adams - football genius.