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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Was ist Clif Bar?
Home - stores. From Jon Johansen's blog, So sue me.

Monday, October 23, 2006
As much as I complain about the Reporter and poor coverage of North Penn, this is kind of cool. - North Penn Homecoming Slide Show

Another thought. What would the ramifications have been if Penn State had won the Michigan game last year? Another recap of the game. Would PSU have edged out Texas for the berth in the BCS championship? Who would have won the game? Would Matt Leinert and Reggie Bush have been the subject of the 1/2 NFL draft pick discussions? If Michael Robinson had performed the way Vince Young did, would he be at the Helm of the Titans and Vince Young a 3rd down back for the the 49ers? Certainly, I have more questions than answers (and there are no right answers), but it's intriguing to think about.

Thought provoking - Survivor! - Barron's Online - evaluating the election based on money raised.

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Semtex - Zine Articles - plastic explosives - cool and scary at the same time.

Glenn Beck Program - the "Send to" button on the google toolbar is great. So is Glenn Beck.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


and other miscellaneous links - like Search Thingy and Ms. Dewey - kind of a cross between Ask Jeeves and brainboost - with a cuter front end.
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07
Physics games

Monday, October 16, 2006
Some quick links
Pennsylvania Football News

Perhaps this will be incoherent. I don't care. Wikipedia discussion on land-grant institutions from Wikipedia - Land-grant university. Wikipedia - Morrill Land Grant Colleges Act. Designation of the first land grant college demonstrates the goodness and badness of Wikipedia at the same time. Wikipedia's entry for statue university hmm...

How to post about Nazis and get away with it - the Godwin's Law FAQ. Internet FAQ archives. killfile (ref'd in the Godwin' Law FAQ).
Skirv's faqs
Gordon Roy Parker USENET historymore GRPWhat would we do without Gordon Roy Parker?
Funny Post about Gordon Roy Parker

Enough, already. And Gordon/Ray, should you happen to read this blog, don't bother threatening me, I'm the only on who reads it anywho.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Neat Trick

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I love google tricks. (I can be pretty sure of this because I am the only one who reads this blog). John "the Commie" Dvorak turned me on to this in Entry 7483. I tried a plain google search, and that linked me to using the inurl search at this defcon thread. Haven't found any interesting cams yet, but there is a whole world out there.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I was reading a ZDNET post about The Question no one is asking about pre-texting and it occcurred to me, why would anyone spell the word with a hyphen? Has vernacular English so screwed up the language that someone who writes (and proofreads) professionally would not realize that the root of pretexting is pretext? Do they think that somehow it involves "texting" someone in advance? What the heck would that mean anyway?

It reminds me of the people who get upset over words like niggardly or perverse even when they are used properly in an inoffensive way. Then again, it's nothing new. This made me recall the 1950 Pepper-Smathers primary in Florida and the following links which may or may not make any sense to you:
George Smathers
Claude Pepper
Pepper Smathers from google
Bush 41 = Smathers (this is dumb - and even dumber 15 years later)
Kerry = neo-Smathers - also dumb
Rove = Smathers (what is this, some kind of perverse Godwin's Law)? (probably an improper use of perverse, but I couldn't resist)
"pre-texting" search
pretexting search

Probably poor use of the word dumb above, too. I guess I have that out of my system now.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Links

Needled Felt on ThomasNet
FEMA Concentration Camps - From Dvorak the Commie
Youtube - Sexual Consent - also from Dvorak the Commie (which means it's been blogged ad infinitum other places, too)
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave - two case studies
Schreyer Honors College, Penn State - the official Schreyer Honors College blog
Parody Motivator Generator


I doubt very much whether this will make any sense to me, let alone you, my loyal non-reader, but...

You shouldn't drink hi-sugar, low-caffeine energy drinks. This is very true. You should only drink low-sugar, high-caffeine energy drinks. Even better, try super duper cereal high-caffeine diet pills. No carbs!

While I generally find Chris Locke's musings interesting, Hilter for Highbrows suggests that Roger Kimball commit an unnatural act. Strangely (or not), I found Leadership U more intriguing than Mystic Bourgeoisie. Particularly, Advice to Christian philosophers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Twice in one day! What is this blog coming to?

I saw this site and just had to add it to the blog. I (and various other members of my family) so need this site. It's One Bag - the self-proclaimed leisure and business travel packing list. I am visiting the sleepy head at PSU this weekend, so I'll have to see if One Bag has practical usefulness or just looks like a cool idea.

Breaking news - maybe the kids are alright after all. Indiana University (a fine Big 10 institution) has a professor who has found that the Daily Show has as much substance as traditional news. And all the comedians made fun of young people who got most of their new from Jon Stewart. (I was going to edit the Wikipedia entry for the Who rockumentary to indicate that they had predicted this back in the '70's, but

It was far too stupid and
it was too much like work.

Check out edeals on

Feel the Love

I know it's cool to hate on Cory, and even I enjoy the hate on Xeni, but, as my sentence runs on, I really liked Cory's entry about stopping hiccups. Or, as the link says, "Termination of intractable hiccups with digital rectal massage." This could lead to a whole new "product line" for the oldest profession, to go along with publicist.