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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some things from Infoworld

Blasting away security myths - good article.

Quoteworthy: If a software company's EULA were to say that 'we have the right to hold a gun to your head and take your money whenever we want,' would that actually give them the right to do so? The only thing more unfair than a bad EULA is a bad EULA in the hands of a company that only cares about extracting more money from its customers. -- Ed Foster. Making bad terms worse.

Search: Fresh from a trip to Googleplex, Elizabeth Montalbano of the IDG News Service finds the atmosphere continues to exude its hippie vibe, but wonders whether growth will stymie Google's spirit. "The view from the ground on Google's campus seems more like kids throwing a party on a weekend when their parents have gone away."

Best of the blogs: There is a series of posts worth mentioning at Open Sources. It's dubbed 'How I work.' Started by the blog's co-authors, Dave Rosenberg and Matt Asay, it looks at different individual's working habits, including which applications and Web sites they use every day, what cutting-edge technologies they have embraced, and whether or not they have a personal organization theory. Interviewee's include Brian Aker, Dir. Architecture, MySQL and Mike Olson, a vice president at Oracle.

Show of the week: At JavaOne, BEA says it is moving to languages beyond Java, and shows off PHP running on its WebLogic Java application server. AMD and JBoss, meanwhile, join the NetBeans community this week. See our Special Report: 2006 JavaOne Conference for all the stories from the show.

Security Concerns

Monday, June 12, 2006


K-Lite ends media format madness by ZDNet's George Ou -- Are you sick and tired of all the types of media formats that you come across on the Internet that never seem to play right? Are you sick of downloading the various media players from Apple, Real, DivX, XviD and so on but still not be able to handle every format you come across and all the various versions of each format? Media format madness is enough to drive a computer user insane but if you're looking for a way out, K-Lite is the tool for you!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Based on an article about the disappointing performance of first round receivers, I looked up Freddie Mitchell. Even though has him listed with the Chiefs, he is currently an unsigned free agent. I always like Freddie, and it's a shame that nobody is willing to give him a shot. Another article about the place of receivers in elite NFL teams.

On an unrelated note, Freddie teaches us the importance of "the close".