Scoreless Tie

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

And we slog through the winter. Wired had an interesting article about the impact of video games on sports. They comment on Brandon Stokley's last second touchdown against Cincinnati: "For certain football fans, the excitement of a last-minute comeback now commingled with the shock of the familiar: It’s hard to think of a better example of a professional athlete doing something so obviously inspired by the tactics of videogame football." It's an interesting commentary on football, athletic training, strategy and the convergence of the digital and real worlds.

In some high school news, apparently North Penn Knights coach Dick Beck wanted to play perennial WPIAL powerhouse Gateway, but North Penn AD "Doc" Ryan was working on a game with Pennsylvania AAAA football champs LaSalle College High School. It looks like the LaSalle game won out and Gateway will head to Wheeling for the Labor Day Classic there. Well, at least there is a chance I would get to see the LaSalle game. It's very unlikely that I would trek to Western PA, no matter how nice Gateway's stadium looks in the pictures.