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Friday, November 23, 2007

Neshaminy 35 - North Penn 0

Thus endeth the North Penn football season. A 9-3 record is certainly respectable, but probably not where everyone expected them to end up after their early season success. As Coach Beck termed the game in Heartbreak again for North Penn, it was "extremely disappointing." Since CB-South succumbed to Downingtown West, Neshaminy is left as the sole Suburban One National team facing Ridley tonight.

Still, North Penn is watching from the stands and waiting for next year, just like 2-11 Truman after their victory over Conwell-Egan. At least Truman got to finish up with a win.

Friday, November 16, 2007
Well, the Inquirer finally managed to post their picks today, under the title Eating crow over some errant picks. Like me, they went with all of the home picks, although, I have to admit I only picked Neshaminy to avoid jinxing North Penn. Unfortunately, I won't be at the game tonight, but I will be listening on WNPV 1440.

If there is a next week at Ridley (although I heard a rumor that the 3rd & 4th rounds will be at neutral sites), I am planning to be there.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Round 2

I didn't see any predictions in the Inquirer this week, but here are the games:

Downingtown West at Central Bucks South, 7
Downingtown East at W.C. Henderson, 7
Glen Mills at Ridley, 7
North Penn at Neshaminy, 7

Going to Calpreps, the predictions are:

Downingtown West at Central Bucks South, Prediction: CB South 34-28
Downingtown East at W.C. Henderson, Prediction: Henderson 28-7
Glen Mills at Ridley, Prediction: Ridley 21-17
North Penn at Neshaminy, Prediction: Neshaminy 28-21

I am afraid to predict a North Penn win at this point, so I will predict that all the home teams will win. There has been a lot of talk about the number of Ches-Mont teams in the playoffs. It even shows up in the Harrisburg Patriot-News. There will still be at least one Ches-Mont team left on Saturday, but it will probably only be one, and the remaining team will likely fall to CB South on November 23.

Well, it's taken me a few days to post, but here are the results for the first round of the PIAA District 1 Football Playoffs.

Interboro 6 - Ridley 34
Conestoga 20 - West Chester Henderson 21
Glen Mills 36 - Perkiomen Valley 26
Wissahickon 9 - North Penn 36
Haverford High 7 - C.B. South 34
Upper Dublin 7 - Neshaminy 42
Downingtown East 14 - Souderton 13
Hatboro-Horsham 28 - Downingtown West 49

Both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Calpreps missed the upsets. I guessed right that Perk Valley was vulnerable, and I was right that Henderson was vulnerable - Conestoga just couldn't pull it out. North Penn and D'town West dominated, which I didn't expect. The Souderton loss threw everyone for a loop (including the Souderton team). Now we are on the cusp of Round 2.

Friday, November 09, 2007

PIAA District 1 AAAA Football Playoffs

Round 1

Philadelphia Inquirer Predictions

15th seed Interboro (8-2) at second seed Ridley (9-0) Pick: Ridley, 19-13.
12th seed Conestoga (8-2) at fifth seed West Chester Henderson (9-1) Pick: Conestoga, 34-28.
10th seed Glen Mills (8-2) at seventh seed Perkiomen Valley (9-1) Pick: Perkiomen Valley, 28-17.
11th seed Wissahickon (8-2) at sixth seed North Penn (8-2, No. 5) Pick: North Penn, 31-12.
16th seed Haverford High (7-3) at first seed C.B. South (10-0, No. 3) Pick: South, 42-13.
14th seed Upper Dublin (8-2) at third seed Neshaminy (8-2, No. 4) Pick: Neshaminy, 27-0.
13th seed Downingtown East (7-2) at fourth seed Souderton (9-1, No. 6) Pick: Souderton, 34-14.
Ninth seed Hatboro-Horsham (8-2) at eighth seed Downingtown West (8-1), Pick: Hatboro-Horsham, 24-16.

Calpreps predictions:
CB South 24 - Haverford 10
Ridley 26 - Interboro 17
Neshaminy 35 - Upper Dublin 7
Perk Valley 28 - Glen Mills 22
Souderton 31 - Downingtown East 6
Henderson 31 - Conestoga 21
North Penn 35 - Wissahickon 14
Downingtown West 24 - Hatboro-Horsham 23

My guess is that Perk Valley, Henderson, North Penn and Downingtown West are vulnerable. Weather could play a factor - there is supposed to be rain later today & this evening.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

PIAA District One Football Playoffs

The Week 10 results are up on the District One Football Info page. It looks like North Penn will host a tough Wissahickon team that had to beat Upper Dublin Friday night to get in to the playoffs. The Pennsylvania Eastern AAAA Football Tournament bracket isn't filled in yet on the District One Football site.

The District 1 AAAA Football seeding is as follows:

Here are the PIAA Football Past Champions while we are waiting for the 2007 champion to emerge.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007
I was exposed to molecular cooking via a "petite experiment" in a restaurant in Montreal. Apparently, molecular cooking is the application of molecular gastronomy to cooking. If that is still not clear, think about Caesar Salad Pudding (okay, they called it mousse, but it was as much a pudding as a mousse).