Scoreless Tie

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Changes - NOT

Saw a blog post about starting football a week earlier in August so that the PIAA championships are not the week before Christmas. It just won't happen. You can pick your villain, whether it's eastern teams not wanting to open up the school earlier or WPIAL insisting on championship day at Heinz Field, but it comes down to finding an acceptable compromise. It hasn't happened yet.

BTW, the reason for the east not wanting to start early isn't that the football players are working at the shore. They are all home lifting weights, conditioning and learning plays. Many of their fellow students are at the shore, however, and in Districts 1 and 12 the first game is already before school starts. Having 2 games before the traditional start of school after Labor Day just isn't going to fly with the school boards and administrations in the 5 southeastern counties.

I would suggest that D1 and D12 play a 9 game season and let everyone else start a week earlier and play 10. Then you could finish the championships 2 weeks before Christmas.