Scoreless Tie

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mythical High School Football

The Dillon Panthers have walked off into the sunset, with Eric Taylor ending up as a PIAA District 12 coach. While his school was called Pemberton, it was really Frankford Stadium - Frankford Stadium graces Friday Night Lights. Here is the google map street view of Rutland Street from the article:

The article has some good screen caps of the final scene, too.

Joe Santoloquito talked about the filming in "Friday Night Lights" inhabit Philadelphia's Frankford High. He talks about the filming being the only time the players have played under lights (Frankford Stadium doesn't have them). They had 2 games scheduled under lights last fall, Hatboro-Horsham in Week 1 and and Pennsbury in Week 3. They ended up losing both games, but the team really improved as the season went on, winning 6 of their last 7.

Michael Ausiello has a great FNL post-mortem on He talks with executive producer Jason Katims about why they did some of the scenes, why Tyra and Landry didn't have a scene together and why Tim and Billy had the next to last scene together instead of Tim and Jason. Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the page. FNL was a great series, and it came on the scene at a time when my son was playing high school football. It seems like a fitting ending to me.