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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine

Wow! 3 posts in 2 days. In the off-season yet. But this news is too good to miss. As ABC news points out in Browns Hire Mike Pettine as Coach, "Football has formed Pettine's life. His father, Mike Pettine Sr., won four state championships at Central Bucks High School West in Doylestown, Pa., and retired in 1999 as the winningest coach in state history." There are a lot of tweets about Pettine. My favorites are from Kyle Berger: "I really learned a lot from Pettine. We did a weekly Coaches' Show on my high school's TV station together. Great of luck." and "The last time Mike Pettine was a HC, he had a full head of hair and I weighed 185. Man, those were the days. #NorthPennPride" For nostalgia's sake, I have to link to the North Penn Reporter story Browns hire former North Penn coach Mike Pettine as coach. I would have expected more of a local angle than an old picture from "The Swamp," Crawford Stadium, but the story is the same as the ABC News story.

For more pictures of the 2001 Season, check out the North Penn football site. Mike Pettine's career prior to the NFL has had a surprising amount of attention. The 1999 North Penn-CB West game was featured in The Last Game. I have to wrap up this post, but I hope to be back with more from youtube.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Richard Sherman

I have no problem with Richard Sherman. Have any of the people complaining ever been around even a high school team that has just won a big game on a big play? How can you blame the guy for being amped up? The league makes pass defense progressively harder and harder, he is covering a guy whose mouth is bigger than his talent, and he just made the play that sends his team to the Super Bowl.

This Mercury News item points out "The lesser-known side to Sherman, 25, is his relentless commitment to community service." (Of course, this is after another drawn out analysis of his actions and background.) My favorite analysis is SB Nation's Richard Sherman's pass deflection: The Xs and Os behind the big story. (Linked to And of course, somebody had to do a recap of Greatest NFL Feuds.

Of course, as much as I like and appreciate Richard Sherman, I still hope Peyton gets a second ring.

Football summary - 2013

The North Penn Knights lost the 2 games after my LaSalle post (to Archbishop Wood and St. Joe's Prep). They were written off by many, and CB West, CB South & Pennridge saw a glimmer of hope for winning the last year of the current Suburban One League Continental Conference. The Knights wouldn't stay down, though, rattling off 7 straight conference wins. By my tally, their record was 40-2 during this version of the Continental conference.

The Knights managed to get to the District 1 AAAA final in the playoffs, but they couldn't keep up with Neshaminy. It was a pretty good year, but it's all going to change with reorganization of the Suburban One League (again).