Scoreless Tie

Saturday, August 02, 2014

It can be extremely amusing to read diametrically opposed articles on the same web site. had an article on Thursday with David Goodman saying Ruben Amaro might lose his job for not making big non-waiver trades while Mike Gibson wrote on Friday that there was no way David Montgomery was going to dump Amaro. Hmmmm...

In Sadly, There’s No Way Philadelphia Phillies Owner/CEO David Montgomery Will Fire Ruben Amaro Jr. Gibson sites the close relationship between Montgomery and Amaro, the convoluted multiple owner situation with the Phils and Amaro and Montgomery's joint Penn Charter roots. Gibson rightly points out the futility of anguishing over what the Phillies SHOULD do, rather than analyzing what is probable or even possible.

In Philadelphia Phillies: Inactivity At Trade Deadline May Cost Ruben Amaro Jr. His Job Goodman looks to other sports writers to support his circular logic that Amaro will go. He completely ignores the fact that Amaro works for Montgomery and the Phillies, and no matter how much the fans and sportswriters complain about Amaro, David Montgomery's is the opinion that matters. I guess the internet has turned us all into delusional chuckleheads who figure if we write it down and it gets posted, it must be true. It's on the internet, right?

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