Scoreless Tie

Monday, August 26, 2013 posted a "District 1 and 12 Report" by Armand Vanore today. District 12 looks to be dominated by the usual suspects, LaSalle & the Prep in AAAA and Archbishop Wood in AAA. The North Penn Knights play all three as non-conference games. Vanore also projects the Knights on top of the SOL Continental while at the same time giving a lot of pixels to Pennridge. Of course, last year the Pennridge loss kept the Knights out of the District 1 play-offs, due the 3 losses to the previously mentioned non-conference District 12 games. If the Knights can finish better than 0-3 during the first 3 weeks, it should put them in the play-offs as a very dangerous sleeper team from the bottom of the bracket.

It's still nice to remember the days when the Knights were winning all of their regular season games and near the top of the bracket. Speaking of former glory, I've heard that Andrew Stoll (North Penn class of '09) has returned to the Knights' fold as an assistant coach.

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