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Friday, November 25, 2011

North Penn-Pennsbury Preview

I wasn't going to post anything before the game, but Kevin Cooney did a really good job in The Run To The Playoffs. Most of the things I read focused on the size of Pennsbury's offensive line. The Knights under Dick Beck have successfully dealt with this numerous times before. North Penn starters don't get their jobs because of their size. They get to start because they are fast, strong and smart.

The game is still likely to be a fight in the trenches. As Kevin rightly points out, "For all the talk of these spread offensive attacks that go five wide receivers deep and throw it around the yard, it is generally the "smack-you-in-the-face" attacks that win at this time of year." This is something I've been saying for years. It goes along with my observation that Florida and Texas High School Football have great athletes playing at a superior level, but they don't generally play in 20 degree (or colder) weather. Granted, Accuweather is predicting high 40's for game time tonight. I remember a North Penn-Downingtown West game the day after Thanksgiving 3 years ago where I couldn't feel my legs when I got up at half time. But I digress.

Kevin points out that this is another "no surprises" game where two teams will line up and try to outplay each other. And to highlight another of my recurring themes, Kevin sums things up: "The winner will be the team that executes the best."

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