Scoreless Tie

Friday, October 28, 2011

Experience Matters

The North Penn Knights are now 6-2 after trouncing Souderton last Friday for their 26th straight Suburban One Continental victory. Depending on how other teams do in the next 2 weeks, they are going to end up right in the middle of the playoff seedings. It is not inconceivable that they will play the #1 seed in the second week. What would be realy interesting would be if PW somehow ends up with the 1 seed and the Knights have to travel down to Plymouth Meeting on November 18. Would the student, Dan Chang, be able to best the master, Dick Beck? I don't think anyone in District 1 AAAA wants to play North Penn right now. They Knights expect to get far into the play-offs. I'm sure they would relish a chance to meet LaSalle or St. Joe's Prep again in the Eastern final. (Just don't let Coach Beck hear you talking about that.)

Kevin Cooney expounds on the District 1 AAAA playoff picture in Let's Talk Football - Week 9.

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