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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Play-off Hype

We are on the eve of finding out the seeding in the District 1 football play-offs. As everyone reading this blog knows (and that would pretty much be me), District 1 AAAA produces one of the 4 semi-finalists for the state tournament. This weekend's games could move a lot of teams around the 16 team bracket. Via twitter, WNPV's Kyle Berger has predicted that North Penn will rise to the #3 seed on the strength of bonus points from a St. Joe's Prep victory over Roman in the PCL play-offs this Saturday at P-W. Rick O'Brien's Forecasting some football playoff fields seems to be looking at only the points for a win and ignoring the bonus points - or predicting a Roman win against the Prep.

The Pottstown Mercury adds to the playoff speculation with Plenty of 'ifs' still surround playoff pictures. This focuses more on AAA than AAAA. It does point out that Downingtown East and North Penn have been playing well since early losses, but ignores how tough Ridley will be with 3 potential home games before a neutral site District 1 final / State quarterfinal.

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