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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Extra-curricular Activities

I was reading the Sound Off section of the Reporter when I read the complaint "Why did it not say "Three North Penn football players are honored" for helping an elderly resident at a scene of an accident? It did not point out that they are on the team." So I had to go back and read the "Citizens Honored" article that described how Joshua Cook, Brandon Mercer, Shayne Watson had helped an elderly woman out of her car after she'd hit a pole before her car was enveloped in flames. Pretty cool.

In other news, Kyle Berger points out that if Saint Joe's Prep beats Roman in their play-off game Saturday night, the Knights will get bonus points. He feels that this will push North Penn to the #3 seed in the District. This would give the Knights 2 home games and the only possible game against Ridley would be the District Final.

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