Scoreless Tie

Sunday, September 19, 2010

North Penn 38 - St. Joe's Prep 7

North Penn played a nice game and managed to take advantage of the Prep's mistakes while making few of their own. Even the presence of Charles Barkley on their sideline couldn't keep Jim Hurley from dropping passes. Mark Casale looked impressive at times, but it takes a much higher level of talent to beat the Knights with one weapon.

While the Knights got an impressive result from Saturday nights match-up, they certainly gave CB South some things to think about. If Hurley had held on to the ball a little better, it would have been a much closer, tougher game for the Knights. The Knights' secondary is getting better, but will it be good enough to handle a CB South spread offense that put up 51 points on Thursday night?

Here is the WNPV wrap-up of the game:

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