Scoreless Tie

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

North Penn is the favorite...

So says Kevin Cooney in Christmas Arrives in August. The complete statement was, "North Penn is the favorite among many to cruise through the Continental and take the District One Class AAAA title. Neshaminy, Pennsbury and Council Rock North all positioned for a fierce battle in the SOL National Conference. Wood appears to be in a dogfight with Cardinal O'Hara in the PCL's Class AAA division." The big tests will be Week 1 against LaSalle and Week 3 against St. Joseph's Prep. Dick Beck has owned the Prep for the last 4 years, even his underachieving 2007 team manage to eke out a win. (No offense to the 2007 team, but Neshaminy and CB South had very good years).

16 days to kick-off.

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