Scoreless Tie

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Looking toward Friday Night

One thing I haven't been able to figure out. Who is scoring all the points for Ridley. North Penn has Craig Needhammer with 24 rushing touchdowns and Todd Smolinsky has thrown 19 TD passes. The 258 points there put you well on your way to the Knights' total of 475. Ridley, though, has scored 425 points. That should be somewhere between 50 and 65 TD's for the year. Maybe I just missed it, but it seems like the Ridley offense is rather formidable. And on Monday, the Inquirer noted of North Penn's strong defense: "...Most impressive through three postseason games is the play of the North Penn defense. The Knights have allowed 31 points in three games. But take away the 15 points scored by Neshaminy during garbage time of a blowout in the District 1 quarterfinals, and North Penn is giving up 5.3 points per game."

I have this nagging suspicion that all the attention given to the Knights' O vs. the Raiders' D may be overshadowed by either North Penn's defensive performance or Ridley's offensive performance. North Penn's offensive line has gotten a lot of press, like Kev Hunter's widely published North Penn's offensive line is a force. Ridley's defense has been extremely stout against some high flying offenses. If the North Penn offense and Ridley defense play to a stand still, the game is going to be determined by the guys who come on the field when the North Penn offense and Ridley defense are on the sidelines.

Another unusual note. The Lansdale Reporter put up a Youtube video with North Penn highlights. It was picked up by Never Let it Rest, a blog which describes itself as "a glimpse into the funny mind of a semi-frustrated hyphen-happy housewife." I think it's because of the Latch Key Kid background music.

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