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Friday, November 27, 2009

District Semi's

Kevin and Dom give their analysis on Youtube:

Kev Hunter gives a nice summary of the teams and North Penn history in NP in semi-final showdowns tonight. It's a cold blustery day, but the game is still at Crawford Stadium. Perhaps this is a disadvantage for Avon Grove, a team that is used to playing on artificial turf. Of course, the Knights haven't played in "the swamp" for almost a month - 4 weeks ago against Hatboro-Horsham.

Everyone, except of course Avon Grove, expects the Knights to win tonight. The game plan to beat North Penn remains the same: control the ball and run right at North Penn's defense. So far, no team has been able to make this work. Kev Hunter gives his keys to the game in Avon Grove has upset in mind. (I guess Captain Obvious is writing the Reporter headlines this week). 1 - Stop the run, 2 - Balance on offense, 3 - Mix up the backs, 4 - Ball control, 5 - Improve conversions. I think there are only 2 keys for a Knights win: Execute the way you have all season and make Avon Grove fight for every inch they gain on the field.

Listen to the game on WNPV 1440 AM or on the web at

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