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Friday, April 24, 2009

Brad Cashman vs. WPIAL

There is a Pittsburgh Post Gazette story linked on the Pennlive HS Football forum in which PIAA Executive Director Brad Cashman is quoted as saying that he is going de-link the 6 classes (which only needs a majority vote) and the shorter season (which needs a 2/3 vote) at the May reading.

I believe that this proposal is turning into a pi$$ing contest between Cashman and the WPIAL. It would appear that he plans to pass the 6 classes on a simple majority and then try to force the 21 votes for the shorter season since the 6 classifications are already a fait accompli. While these actions show a certain mastery of bureaucratic procedures and gamesmanship, I don't know how much it advances PA interscholastic athletics.

2009 may be the last true state football championship for a while.

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