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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some thoughts about Week 10 from October 29

Assume North Penn beats Pennridge – North Penn ends up with 1480 points + additional power points (which should work out to about 50) and the #1 seed. If North Penn loses, it’s too hard to analyze all of the implications.

If Garnet Valley wins, they get 180 points + 40 or 50 power points and finish up with 1340. If D-town West wins, they get 140 points + say 40 power points and finish up with 1290.

If Neshaminy defeats Pennsbury, there is no way they overcome the 50 point deficit behind D-town West, they end up somewhere between 1250 and 1280. Whoever wins Pennsbury-Neshaminy ends up as at least the 4 seed (with 2 home games), the other team drops to between 7 and 9 and could be on the road for the whole playoff season.

If Quakertown beats Souderton, they should end up ahead of the Neshaminy-Pennsbury loser, I doubt they will get as high as 5, but they could be the 6 or 7 seed.

I would expect Penncrest to beat Conestoga, but Conestoga could give Penncrest a run for their money. A win will give Penncrest a home game in the 1st round, a loss puts them on the road. Of course, in the District 1 AAAA football play-offs, you should never count your home games before they hatch. There have been too many upsets over the years. If you are the #5 seed, you could be at home, away and back at home if the #1 gets upset (which is a pretty regular occurrence in D1).

I would say the best result for North Penn would be a Ridley win over Garnet Valley and Neshaminy over Pennsbury. This should put Neshaminy in the #3 seed, and although it might send Pennsbury to Lansdale for week 2, I think that would be preferable to seeing Neshaminy in week 2.



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