Scoreless Tie

Saturday, September 13, 2008


15 days ago, I wondered if this team was any good. On August 29th, they showed that they could play with anyone. On September 5, they showed that they could recover from some sloppy play and put away a decent opponent. Last night, the North Penn Knights showed that they are the best team in Eastern Pennsylvania. Now I wonder, how good is this team? I'm not reserving a room in Hershey, yet, but this is a team that definitely has what it takes to get there.

As you can see from the picture, most of this game was a slog through the mud and rain. It was punctuated by three impressive plays by the speedsters - a 70 yard punt return touchdown by Ronnie Akins, a 96 yard touchdown run by Tyler Smith and a 60 yard touchdown run by Michael Yeager. After Yeager's touchdown, neither team was able to get anything going. McManus tried a 30 some odd yard field goal in the 4th quarter, but the footing was too poor to let him get any elevation on the ball. A series of bad decisions and mistakes at the end, kept the Prep from making a final bid to tie the game.

Next week - the eagerly awaited visit by CB South to Crawford Stadium.

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