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Friday, April 11, 2008
The 10 things you may complain about (and five you may not) caught my eye when I saw the subject line on the Anchordesk e-mail.

Blogosphere sacred cows

Apple: Ooh, so pretty. And innovative, and Steve Jobs is a god. You do not say something bad about Apple, especially not about Apple's closed ecosystem, and most especially not in front of the open-source wonks who love Apple anyway.

Google: Possibly the most useful resource on the Web. Also the scariest company there is. Do not criticize or the Google bot (or its PR machine) will stomp you. They know where you live.

Linux: Cheap, open, and everywhere. And too damn hard to use for anyone with a life. But never, ever point this out. Linux = great. Microsoft = bad. No need for details.

TechCrunch: The Engadget of Web 2.0. While I'm at it, might as well add that you should avoid criticizing Engadget. Both sites have rabid followings, are edited by inexplicably angry men, and will cease linking to you if look at them funny.

Firefox: All hail the open-source browser! Those crashes and general slowness? That's the price of progress, son.

My take? I am not an apple fan. I have to admit I love google. Linux? So what? TechCrunch? What is it? Firefox? I can live without it.

Of course, since nobody reads this blog and since the google bot won't index it (believe me, I've tried) this post is the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

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