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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Super 25 prep football regional rankings -

North Penn #4 in the northeast. BUT - there are only 3 teams from the Northeast in the Super 25. There are 5 from the Midwest; 5 from the West - AND 12 from the South! That's right, 2 teams on the Super 25 didn't make the Southern region top 10.

I realize polls are always have subjectivity, but something seems amiss with USA Today's polling method. Are Byrnes & Independence Charlotte really better than North Penn? Are they better than Mount Carmel in Chicago (alma mater to Donovan McNabb & Simeon Rice) or Birmingham in Lake Balboa, CA?

I found the Calpreps web site, and here are their projections for North Penn vs. Byrnes:


at North Penn (Lansdale, PA)
[2007] North Penn (Lansdale, PA) 62, [2007] Byrnes (Florence, SC) 0

at Byrnes (Florence, SC)
[2007] North Penn (Lansdale, PA) 62, [2007] Byrnes (Florence, SC) 0

at neutral site
[2007] North Penn (Lansdale, PA) 62, [2007] Byrnes (Florence, SC) 0

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