Scoreless Tie

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I went to Fertilizer Latin America 2007 in Miami over the last couple of days. It was kind of a nightmare trip because flights (in particular US Airways) delayed due to the bad weather in the northeastern US on March 16 & 17. I did have a nice dinner at the Globe Cafe & Bar in Coral Gables. My co-worker & I split a Pan Seared Wasabi Yellowfin Tuna with a Yellowfin Tuna special that was on the menu. He had a mojito, which he thoroughly enjoyed, while I simply had a pint of Guinness.

The highlight of my trip was sitting behind Vai Sikahema on the flight back to Philadelphia. I overheard him tell another passenger that he was in Miami to see his son play in a baseball tournament. He was very friendly and personable. In an almost cliche moment, he had milk and cookies for his snack on the plane (as opposed to my degenerate Diet Pepsi & M&M's).

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