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Friday, October 06, 2006

Twice in one day! What is this blog coming to?

I saw this site and just had to add it to the blog. I (and various other members of my family) so need this site. It's One Bag - the self-proclaimed leisure and business travel packing list. I am visiting the sleepy head at PSU this weekend, so I'll have to see if One Bag has practical usefulness or just looks like a cool idea.

Breaking news - maybe the kids are alright after all. Indiana University (a fine Big 10 institution) has a professor who has found that the Daily Show has as much substance as traditional news. And all the comedians made fun of young people who got most of their new from Jon Stewart. (I was going to edit the Wikipedia entry for the Who rockumentary to indicate that they had predicted this back in the '70's, but

It was far too stupid and
it was too much like work.

Check out edeals on

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