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Friday, April 21, 2006
My Post Exit Physical Rant

Doctors suck.  I had the same doctor for my physical that I had last year.  Her advice on diet helped me to lose about 15 pounds, which I then gained back over the winter in response to the recurring virus that plagued me all winter.  In the last couple of months, I’ve lost about 5 pounds and I am working on losing more.

But what is the reality of the situation?  The US Census estimates that there about 11 million men in my 5 year age group (45-49).  4 In 10 Americans Say They're Overweight, but the government says 6 in 10 are overweight.  6% of Americans say they are obese, but the government says 30% are obese.  The Skinny on Diets says that 95% of diets fail.  NAAFA Policy on DIETING AND THE DIET INDUSTRY says, ”Since reducing diets rarely achieve permanent weight loss and can result in negative health consequences, since laws and regulations protecting the consumer are nonexistent or remain unenforced, and since people undertaking diets are rarely given sufficient information to allow them to give true informed consent, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance strongly discourages participation in weight-reduction dieting. Further, NAAFA strongly condemns any diet marketing strategy based on guilt and fear. Such approaches cause untold suffering to fat people by ruining their self-esteem and by perpetuating negative stereotypes. NAAFA demands that local, state, and federal governments regulate the diet industry to protect the consumer from misleading claims regarding safety and long-term effectiveness.”

So at least 660,000 other American men my age are roughly as fat as me.  I would venture to guess that 600,000 of them will never weight less than they do now.  650,000 of us will probably never be able to maintain a lower weight.  So what are my chances?  Slim & none, and Slim just left town.  

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