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Wednesday, April 10, 2002


I loved the Disney show "So Weird" when it first came on. Cara DeLizia did a great job as "Fi Phillips," the focal point of all the "Weird"ness. She left after Season 2, and was replaced by Alexz Johnson, who is a fine young actress, but the writing went downhill and they changed the time and the show just seemed to go stale. Still, it seems to be the concensus that So Weird Jumped the Shark when Cara left.

And today, Cara is 18!!!

So I blogged some stuff about Cara, like the best Cara Delizia fan site and another smitten teenage boy's site. Of course, some of the sites have very little info about Cara, while some webmasters have actually written e-mails to Cara (and gotten a reply!). Two years ago, Marilyn Beck gave a brief intro to Cara DeLizia in response to a question. If you want to talk about Cara you can do it at ezboard.

And then there is some weird (not So Weird) stuff on the net, too. Like what is "" Here is a cached google page that lists Cara as the associate editor for the site. Could there be 2? And Cara starred with Kirsten Storms in Crayola Kids Adventures - with some pics on this site. Speaking of Kirsten Storms, I found the Children of Salem that features Erik von Detten (another So Weird alum), too. How about So Weird/N*Sync Fan Fic for Cara's 18th birthday - Since Fi is 18 in the story, I thought it would be appropriate. (Although I had to "View Source" and read the story in Notepad to avoid the horrid red type on black background).

So, once again, Happy Birthday, Cara. Hope you have a great birthday, great career and a fantastic life.

And make sure to Vote for Cara as one of the most beautiful celebrities.

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